Crooked Palm Records is an independent record label that was founded in 2019 in Lund, Sweden by the musician/songwriter/music producer Yoel Lind-Ruos. 

The record labels focus lies mainly on producing and promoting music ranging from genres such as neo-soul, rap, folk, pop and other different musical fusions. The ethos of the record label however, rather than producing music and sticking genre label onto it - is to recognise, bring out, and present the humanness, or the “soul”, if you will, of the music. 


Remember that time you felt that everything was just right and everything started to flow?

We like to believe that groove is the total sum of creative freedom/openness/spontaneity – all coming together at once. These three forces, when left alone, work independently and in unity in order to create endless variations of human/artistic expression, similar to how the ingredients of a dish together shapes and contributes to the taste of the dish.

The virtue; to capture, to preserve the three corner stones above mentioned and present it to the universe.

© Crooked Palm Records 2020